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Raw diet

If you are looking for a healthy diet plan, one that works at keeping you healthy and fit, you should try raw food diets. A lot of people have actually tried raw food diet plans and were satisfied by the improvement of their health. Many have also found that when it comes to weight loss or weight gain, it is very effective regardless of ones age. If you are not familiar with raw food diet, here are some facts that you might find informative. These will help you decide if you should try it or not.

What is raw food diet? Raw diet is a healthy diet plan because the cooking process destroys the most essential nutrients found in our food. Cooking our food destroys the natural vitamins and minerals in our food. Uncooked food therefore are healthier and nutritious. And because the food are not cooked and are in their natural state, they are more filling. When you cook vegetables for example, you will see how it withers and loses water. The water is filled with minerals and vitamins. So when you cook your vegetables you need to eat more to satisfy your hunger. But what you eat, since it is now cooked, does not contain the nutrients that your body needs. You will therefore eat more and gain weight in the process instead of getting the nutrients.

What are the benefits of raw food healthy diet plan? As stated above, there are many health benefits of following a raw healthy diet plan. As you get all the natural nutrients from the food, you will certainly have more energy. For a lot of people the problem why they gain weight is because their bodies do not have the necessary nutrients so even before the morning ends for example, they already lack the energy. Once they eat, they will eat more to compensate for the lack of energy. But again since what they eat do not contain all the nutrients, they will again lack the energy before diner. They will have snacks in between. And by diner, the same thing happens. All this leads to a cycle that leads to gaining weight.

Where can you find raw food diet plans? You can find raw food healthy diet plans for various resources. There are raw food healthy diet plans that are available online or you can buy one of the many books on raw food healthy diet plan. The good thing about the internet resources or the websites is that you can find one that really suits your preferences and needs. For example you can find raw food healthy diet plans that are for those who only want raw vegetables and fruits. You can also find raw food plans for both plants and animals. In any case, you can use the internet to learn what is best for you and what fits your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong diet plan, you just choose what is best for you.

Have Questions about a Raw Food Diet? Well Get Some Answers!

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Healthy diet plan

Eating a raw food diet sounds like you are eating ‘rabbit food’ all day long, but that is actually a misconception. Raw foodism, as it is sometimes called or Rawism, is the consumption of only raw foods that have not been heated above 40 degrees Celsius, in one’s diet, yes, but you actually do not need to be a vegetarian or vegan in order to partake in this lifestyle.

You can eat raw meats and animal products that are not cooked or processed, and a great example of this at work is sashimi, which you can find in most sushi retail locations. It is literally just high grade raw fish, and there are many other things you are able to eat on this diet, this is just an example.

There are many diet plans to follow with a raw diet, and they all circle around the idea of having a healthy diet plan. For example, there are an estimated 20 thousand followers of something called the Primal Diet. This diet is comprised of mostly fatty and organ meats, coconut cream, honey, dairy, and a minimal amount of fruit and veggie juices.

There is even a diet similar to a raw Atkins diet, which cuts out raw legumes, grains, and dairy products and focuses on raw meats, eggs, and fish, and this diet is commonly referred to as the Raw Meat or Raw Paleolithic Diet.

Of course, there are raw vegan and vegetarian raw food diet options, and many people who follow raw food diet plans believe that after the food has been heated above a certain temperature, it looses most of its original nutritional value. In these raw food diets there are usually sprouted grains and legumes included, as well as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

There are also subgroups among vegan rawists, such as jucearians, sproutarians, and fruitarians. In each of these, there are certain more specific guidelines followed for consumption. Jucearians turn their raw fruits and vegetables into juice, which is where they mainly consume their nutrients, while fruitarians eat exclusively berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and sproutarians have a diet that consists mainly of sprouted seeds.

Raw vegetarian diets allow for products that come from animals, so in addition to a vegan raw food diet, they are also able to consume dairy products and eggs. However, they do not consume any meat, fish, or animal by products such as gelatin.

So you see? Even though it seems like a raw food diet can be very limiting, they are actually very versatile, and there are many that claim it is healthier than a non raw food diet.

When To Eat Raw

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Raw food diet plans

Raw food diet plans do not have to be the end of your enjoyment of food. A healthy diet plan can include very tasty dishes and provide the feeling of satiation that you are used to. Raw food diets have evolved to be easily adaptable and nutritious for your situation.

To clarify, a raw diet is usually considered a lifestyle choice and not necessarily a way to weight loss. Your raw food diet plans should include a balanced way to get the appropriate vitamins and minerals to maintain optimum health. It is based on the assumption that unprocessed foods in their natural state have a higher nutritional value. Raw food diet plans typically get 75 percent of their foods as fruits and vegetables. This can include some non traditional ingredients that provide a nutritional boost like seaweed, various sprouts, sprouted seeds, whole grains, beans or legumes, dried fruits and nuts.

The American Dietetic Association, or the ADA, disputes the claim by raw food dieters that the high heat eliminates some of the inherent vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Be advised that avoiding cooking elements of your raw food diets plans may not eliminate harmful food borne bacteria. We think of bacteria and cross contamination as mostly occurring in meat products, but vegetables are susceptible too.

There are definitely some documented advantages to raw food diet plans. Eating ingredients from raw food diet plans such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and kale may reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Additionally, raw food diet participants may have low triglycerides and cholesterol numbers, but they need to monitor for other deficiencies from their raw food diet plans. The ADA, the American Dietetic Association, does recommend that people eating from raw food diet plans should include supplements for their daily nutritional needs.

Are Raw Food Diets Really Worth It?

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Raw diet

America is experiencing an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions since the middle of the 1900s. “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food” is a quote made by Hippocrates. Somehow, American’s have lost their way in terms of food education. We buy processed foods and fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides all the time. During the same timeframe processed foods became popular, cancer rates have increased exponentially. Is there a direct link to the many diseases people are experiencing with processed foods? Raw food enthusiasts believe so and raw diet plans maybe the best option for you to increase your health.

Raw food diet plans consist of organic foods that are not sprayed with harmful chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. You can find raw diet plans and tips easily online. New studies show an increase of people become aware of the dangers of processed foods. In fact, more people are turning towards local growers that do not use harmful chemicals on their crops. Lately, state and federal government organizations are trying to pass legislation to avoid the need to label GMO foods. As you can see, there is an internal struggle going on in America when it comes to eating healthy organic foods.

Raw food diets consist of all natural ingredients with now GMOs or harmful chemicals. Vegetables, fruits and nuts provide the body essential nutrients and minerals for fighting against a wide range of diseases. Even juicing is becoming more popular as studies are showing overweight people losing a significant amount of weight by eating foods in a raw diet plan. You can find information about a healthy diet plan by visiting health sites that talk about the benefits of raw diet plans. If you are going to follow a raw diet plan, it is necessary to make sure you stay away from GMO foods.