Understanding Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is enjoyed all over the world. When you look at Asian cuisine as a whole you can see that they are many different types. The region that the cuisine comes from will impact how it is made.

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Different cultures in Asia are going to have different processes when it comes to how the food is prepared. In this article, we are going to look at Asian cuisine as a whole.

In the east and southeast areas of Asia there are a few popular ingredients. If you order cuisine from this region you can expect ginger, garlic, soy, and tofu to be included in the dish. Some common ways that these dishes are prepared are through stir-frying or deep frying.

All across Asia white rice is the most popular ingredient in the cuisine. White rice can be seen as a part of most dishes as it is an abundant resource.

As we move to northern Asia we see that a lot of the cuisine is influenced by Russian cuisine. This is because these northern countries are close to Russia. Even with the influences areas like Siberia have their own distinct cuisine.

Overall, Asian cuisine covers a wide array of foods. Depending on where in Asia you are the food will be slightly different.


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