The Process of Water Treatments

Water treatments are one of the most important technological advances that we have made. With different water treatments, we can take wastewater, which would otherwise be unusable, and clean it. In this article, we are going to look at the process that water goes through at a water treatment facility.

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In the first part of the process the water that is brought in is tested. The pH levels are tested so that the facility knows what kind of treatment is necessary. Once the water is tested the solids are removed from it. This is important because if any large pieces of debris make it past this stage, they could ruin the pipes and machinery.

Chemicals are then used to treat the wastewater after they make it past the first section. Various chemicals are used to get rid of some of the harmful bacteria. Although this water has been cleaned, it is not finished getting treated.

Aeration is the process of pumping oxygen into the water. Oxygen along with clean water is pumped into the water. When this happens sludge is transported to the surface of the water. Machines are used to remove the surface sludge. In the final part of the process, even more, chemicals such as chlorine are added to the water.


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