Month: February 2013

Hummus spread
Recipe for hummus
Tahini hummus

Replace Fatty Snacks with Hummus, A New Delicious and Healthy Option

When you are cooking at home, whether for one or many, hummus spread can be a great appetizer. Recipes with hummus or just on its own are always great options.Also, recipes for hummus can easily be found online. Hummus nutrition is becoming more widely known which is bumping up its popularity to great extent. An […]

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Raw Food? Other Than Sushi?

We have all heard about the raw food diet but what is not talked about as much is why the raw food diet is a healthy diet plan. Raw food diet plans limit food that a person eats to food not heated over 104 to 118 degrees, had been fermented or dehydrated under low heat. […]

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Bottleless water cooler
Bottleless water coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers For Everyone!

Water bottles and coolers have long been a staple of offices and workspaces for quite a while. But now they are being seen in more and more businesses. Homeowners are even opting for these larger coolers as an alternative to hundreds of single-use water bottles. Taking advantage of standard xchange programs can help keep the […]

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Recetas de comida
Tamale recipe

Flan Tastes Really Good!

Flan is a popular Mexican dessert. Most people like to enjoy their flan after eating their arroz con pollo, their ceviche that follows their great grandmother’s ceviche recipe and maybe even some empanadas on the side. Now that is what many would call a meal fit for a Mexican or Latin American king! Hispanic food […]

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Why Raw Food is an Important Part of any Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet plan means something different to every single person on this planet. One person’s idea of healthy eating is another person’s potential diet nightmare. Because there are so many different opinions of what constitutes a healthy diet plan, often there are more opinions than facts littering the web. Bloggers write what they know […]

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The many benefits of raw foods

One of the biggest reasons that it seems like so many diets work is because of the fact that many of them are not tasty, fun or encouraging. Many fad diets often force someone to cut some of their favorite foots out of their life, while not putting anything else fun in the mix to […]

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