Month: July 2018

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Ice cream
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Ice Cream Continues to be a Popular Year Round Dessert

The story about the ice cream was definitely the funniest! When college girlfriends get together they obviously do a lot of talking. And while most of the first conversations are about the kids, the husbands, and current jobs, memories are always creeping in. In fact, it is often difficult to keep up with the ping […]

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Peanut calories
Peanut nutritional value
Peanut snack ideas

Buying Healthy Foods Increases the Chances That Your Kids Will Eat Healthy Foods

If you are working on eating a more healthy diet then you know that the good cholesterol in peanuts is not a problem for a person who is eating a balanced diet. For parents of busy toddlers and teenagers who do not always take or have the time to eat balanced meals, the cholesterol in […]

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Organic peanut oil
Peanut butter good for you
Recipes for peanuts

Great Peanut Snacks for a Hike

If you’re heading for a hike soon, you know just how much energy you can expend while climbing up! Whether you’re going to be at high or low elevations, it’s very important to stay hydrated and bring plenty of healthy snacks to keep you going. Regardless of the level of hiker you are, it’s very […]

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What In the World Is a Beer Growler?

It’s no secret that Americans and beer have gone hand-in-hand since the foundation of the country: we’re producers (up to 85% of all beer in the U.S. comes from us!), patrons, and pioneers of brew. Even when presented with the choice of wine or spirits, 43% of Americans prefer a cold brew. Beer gifts are […]

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