How Can You Safely Dispose of Cooking Grease

Grease is an enemy of your pipes, septic system, and generally a very bad idea to flush down the drain. Watch this video to learn grease recycle tips to better protect your pipes and the environment. Grease recycle steps are something everyone that cooks in their kitchen should follow.

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If you are like most cooks you do not give fat and oil a lot of thought after you have cooked. You likely simply put the dirty pans in the sink and leave them to soak a little while. Unfortunately, those pans have residue that can clog your drains.

Grease can build up from any type of fats or oils that are flushed down the kitchen sink. If your drains in the kitchen are running slow, if there is a foul order coming from your kitchen drain it can be due to grease build-up. Follow the simple steps in this video for safely disposing of fats and oils and avoiding the potential grease buildup in your pipes. As a bonus you will be helping the environment.

Learn how to keep your pipes clear of grease by watching this short video right now.


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