Month: March 2016

Some vegetables are edible flowers
Sugar flowers for wedding cakes
Uses for microgreens

3 Tips for Having an Amazing Dinner Party

Are you planning on throwing a dinner party this spring? It pays to get prepared ahead of time. Not surprisingly, you?re going to want to impress your guests with your selection — whether it?s the appetizers or the drinks. The New York Times has argued that the dinner party is largely dead, but we?d say […]

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Sunday brunch delaware
Valentines day restaurants delaware
Wedding in delaware

5 Etiquette Rules for Brunching It Up on a Holiday

No one wants to wake up early on Sunday morning to meet their loved ones for breakfast; especially if they’ve been out late the night before. This is why humans developed the incredible concept of Sunday brunch. Having a nice meal with people you love at a time that is too late to be called […]

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