Year: 2018

Juice bar equipment
Juicers for restaurants
Sugar cane extract

Seven Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

As more and more Americans get serious about healthy eating, many of them are moving away from sugary drinks and caffeine and looking to juices to quench their thirst. The facts don’t lie. In 2015, Americans consumed 6.6 gallons of juices per capita. According to, one four-ounce serving of 100 percent fruit juice is […]

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Mexican catering menu
Taco party

Mexican Food Is a Crowd Pleaser in Many Settings

This should be a Christmas to remember. Instead of everyone driving west to the center of the state, the rest of the family has agreed to drive east to your home. After 29 years of traveling to your hometown for Christmas, you finally get to host Christmas for your husband’s family at your house. The […]

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Reclaimed spruce
Reclaimed wood restaurant tables
Reclaimed wood siding

The Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood

From the reclaimed spruce wood to the reclaimed cherry wood to reclaimed wood of all types, reclaimed wood is becoming more popular than ever before in many different parts of the United States. After all, reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce wood is often still of a very high quality, combining high quality with environmental friendliness […]

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Carrier reefer
New reefer trailer
Used reefer trailers

Do I Need a Reefer Unit?

There are many important things to have and to remember when hauling temperature sensitive content long distance. One of those things is your carrier reefer, a device designed to keep refrigerated trailers at a cold temperature. Whether you buy a reefer unit new or used, having one is still important to maximize your driving efficiency […]

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