Why Your Office Needs a Single Coffee Maker

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s morning routines. Whether you have a whole pot of java to yourself before work every morning, swing through a coffee shop drive through on your commute, or just make a single serve as an afternoon pick me up, odds are you enjoy coffee just as much as most adults.

In fact, the average American coffee drinker has over three cups of coffee a day. What would be the benefits of adding a single cup office coffee machine to a a place of work at these consumption rates?

There are several health benefits in making single cup office coffee readily available to your employees. Many peer reviewed scientific journals link drinking coffee with a lower risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and suicide risk. It is associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, as well.

Business coffee
will increase your employees’ productivity as well. According to the Food and Drug Administration, coffee’s caffeine is absorbed and circulated in less than an hour, and the drinker feels the benefits of coffee for six hours, including energy, concentration and memory. A workplace with adequate access to coffee allows people to remain alert and focused. In addition, your staff will spend less time commuting to coffee shops before and during work to get the caffeine they crave. A team that doesn’t scatter at lunchtime to utilize an external coffee service can spend more time socializing with their coworkers during their break or catching up on work tasks.

Single cup office coffee will boost the environment and overall happiness of your employees. Who doesn’t have a little burst of joy when it is 2 p.m. in the office and you can smell a freshly brewing pot of coffee? Small, brisk breaks to go get a cup of java will be a lesser sacrifice as far as company time than a whole team that crashes in the afternoon.

As the employer, you can choose how involved of a setup your single cup office coffee machine is. You can choose to add a hot water line for tea drinkers, or even an espresso option. Manufacturers typically offer warranties and free installation of the single cup office coffee machines, as well as great prices on bulk coffee grounds and other supplies.

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