The Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood

From the reclaimed spruce wood to the reclaimed cherry wood to reclaimed wood of all types, reclaimed wood is becoming more popular than ever before in many different parts of the United States. After all, reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce wood is often still of a very high quality, combining high quality with environmental friendliness and often very reasonable price. And there is certainly no shortage of uses for wood all throughout this country.

From the solid wood table top to wood siding, wood and the products that it has been made into can be found at just about every turn, just about anywhere that you might look. In fact, it is a fact that homes that have hardwood floors will actually sell for a considerable higher price than homes with other types of flooring. And wood is a huge component in many types of furniture as well.

But using wood is not something that can always be done in an environmentally friendly way, and often contributes to deforestation. As the world is made up of many different forests – in fact, one third of the world is forest land alone, the impact of deforestation is prominent in a number of different ways. For one, it’s hugely detrimental to all human life, as, to put it very simply, we need trees to survive, as trees produce oxygen. If there aren’t enough trees on this planet, there will certainly not be enough oxygen, putting the entire human species at risk and even into a crisis situation.

And the cutting down of new wood is hugely detrimental to the earth as a whole, as trees are often important in a very foundational way to the stability of our planet. In fact, removing too many trees can cause things like increased rates of erosion to occur. And when this happen, natural disasters such as flooding are far more likely to become prevalent and even commonplace.

And we certainly cannot talk about deforestation and the cutting down of too many trees without also discussing the ecosystem that exists there, the animals who live and make their lives in these forests not only throughout the country of the United States, but all throughout the world as a whole. When too many trees are cut down in just one forest habitat, whole groups of animals – whole species, even – can be displaced. Cutting down too many trees at once can disrupt nature in the worst possible way.

And here in the United States, we use far too much new wood, with as many as three trillion board feet of lumber milled since the year of 1990, which is less than thirty years in the past. And wood waste is a problem as well, and all you need to do is just look at any given construction site utilizing traditional methods of construction. At such a construction site, in fact, it is not uncommon for up to thirty percent of all of the waste that is generated (and certainly no less than twenty percent of the waste) to be wood waste.

But there are a number of steps we can take to help and recycling wood and turning it into reclaimed wood (such as reclaimed spruce) is one such path to take when it comes to efforts in conservation and protecting our environment. In fact, more than two and a half billion tons of pallets were recycled in the year of 2015, now more than three full years in the past. And in the years that are to follow, this number is only likely to grow and to grow.

And there is no doubt about it that there are many different uses for reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce. In fact, reclaimed spruce can be used both in private homes as well as in more typically commercial settings, such as in the use of wood restaurant tables. After all, reclaimed spruce wood table tops are likely to be long lasting, durable, and stylish all at once.

Aside from the use of reclaimed spruce in table tops in restaurants all throughout the country, reclaimed spruce can become reclaimed wood chairs, reclaimed wood paneling, and just about anything else, truly showing the diversity and possibilities of reclaimed wood.

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