Things You Never Needed to Know about Craft Beer (But Now You Do)

Finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city can be no easy task, especially if you are new to the city. There seems to be dozens of pizza joints and a new Chinese buffet once a week, and all kinds of hole in the wall places that boast something unique: “Full vintage arcade!” “No ingredients in our restaurant are ever frozen!” “We serve our food on stone, not plates!” So how in the world do the savvy locals pick their go to eateries? Online review sites are more and more no help to tourists and newbies, since four out of five reviews are staged and the fifth is grossly overexaggerated. If you want to know what the hip locals are attracted to, the answer is in the beer. More specifically, the craft beer.

The craft beer industry has grown to be vastly popular amongst metropolitan dwellers who are active in bars, pubs, historic eateries, and local watering holes. These people, most affluent young to middle aged adults, enjoy the urban dining life’s ability to provide microbrewed beer, seasonal beer, and American craft beers. Here are ten fun trivia facts about this rising trend in finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city in which locals shrug off the domestic and encourage the craft.

The fear of having no more craft beer is called cenosillicaphobia. More specifically, this is the phobia of an empty glass.

Craft beer makes your bones stronger. Well, this may be a slight warp of context, but it is true that craft beer has high level of silicon, an element that promotes stronger, more healthy bones.

Barrel-aged craft beers are an accidental brother of whiskey. Legend has it that barrel-aged craft beers were a complete mistake made by a distillery that tried to give barrel-aged whiskey an “ale-flavored finish.”

Craft beer will get you through labor. Or, at least, this is what midwives in the 1600s thought, and they regularly gave extremely strong beer to laboring mothers to ease their pain. Doubt your doctor will prescribe you a cold brew now, though.

Too much craft beer will give you “carpenters in the head,” according to Norwegians; that is their literal translation of the term hangover.

Craft beer coined the term “rule of thumb,” when craft brewers used to stick their thumbs into the beer to see if the temperature felt right for adding the yeast.

Belgium is the king of craft beer. The country boasts over 400 different brands of brews. However, in Belgium, they would consider themselves the king of domestic beers, yeah?

Over 28 liters of craft beer once allegedly gave a Scotsman a four week hangover, the longest hangover in history.

Craft beer is not just for drinking. It can be a delightful marinade ingredient to give meat an unexpected softness and tenderness, and it can also be used to shine up your old copper tchotchkes. So, when finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city, ask if they marinade their meats with craft.

You can’t get drunk off of craft beer without the addition of yeast; yeast is what creates carbon dioxide, the compound responsible for beer bubbliness, and ethanol, which gives you your tipsy feeling.

As most locals would agree, when finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city, it is not hard to notice that craft beer microbreweries are popping up right and left; craft beers, signature cocktails, and one of a kind liquors and alcohol are a tell tale sign of great artisan food and a local hotspot.

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