Looking for a New Diet? Consider a Raw Diet!

Raw food diets

If you have been feeling generally unwell lately or are just trying to lose weight, a raw diet could be what you need to bump you out of your food rut and move on to living a more healthy, environmentally conscious, and fit life. A healthy diet plan is essential to everyone’s lifelong well being. There are a variety of new diet plans circulating, but many of them do not work or only eliminate one of the many problems most modern diets have. A raw diet can get you out of your bad food habits by solving several problems at once.

A raw food diet is essentially exactly what it sounds like. At its core, raw food diets of all kinds avoid all cooked food. By doing this, they keep their participants away from unhealthy “prepared” foods, like fast food or prepackaged food. A raw diet encourages its participant to focus more on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and occasionally raw fish or meat (like sashimi or carpaccio), as opposed the the very meat oriented diet most modern Americans eat. Protein and amino acids are essential to life, but mass produced meat in the US comes with a wide array of health consequences, like high cholesterol, and environmental problems, like river pollution and increasing atmospheric methane. Raw diets avoid these problems almost entirely. Many people couple their raw food diet plans with another type of diet, like vegetarianism or veganism, to help further the goals of a raw diet.

If you eat a lot of fast or prepared food or have a large amount of meat in your diet at the expense of fruits and vegetables, a raw diet could be exactly what you need to get better nutrition to start feeling healthier and livelier. If you are new to dieting, if you make the right new choices, you will be truly amazed how much different you will feel after you start eating right. You really will feel more energetic, happier, more mentally able. A raw diet can be a fun new way to help build a happier and healthier you.

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