How Coffee Could Be Helping You To Perform Better In The Workplace

Commercial office coffee machines

It’s lucky for many of us that there are actual health benefits of coffee. For those who need coffee to get going in the morning, fear not, coffee is not as bad for you as you may have thought – and in fact might even be beneficial for you! Health benefits of coffee are considerable, and drinking coffee can actually have a positive impact on your overall health.

And it’s good news too, because coffee drinking is part of our culture here in the United States. More than half of all adult Americans drink coffee at least once a day, and the average coffee drinking adult consumes just over three cups. Nearly half of all employed people in the United States say that without coffee, it would be difficult to get going in the mornings, and that it helps them be more productive than they would without. From specialty coffee to a single cup coffee machine for the office, every coffee drinker has different preferences, but all can agree on one thing – coffee helps to make life more manageable.

In fact, coffee makes many people feel smarter and think faster, one of the health benefits of coffee. Just 200 mg of caffeine was proven to help people identify words as well as phrases faster than those who did not drink coffee. And the health benefits of coffee on your brain extend even further – it can improve memory retention as well as lead to an overall enhanced cognitive performance. A coffee machine for the office could help to boost the quality of the work that’s done, and an office coffee vendor could help to provide the specialty coffee drinks that some people prefer.

Coffee has also been found to contain a significant amount of fiber, nearly 2 grams per every cup. And it can even reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. Colorectal cancer risk, for instance, dropped by more than 25% in those who consume coffee on a regular basis. Regular coffee consumption can also reduce the likelihood of developing clinical depression by up to 20%, particularly in women, if she drinks at least four cups of coffee a day.

In the United States, we love our coffee and many of us feel that we can’t function without it. Fortunately for us, coffee has been found to have significant health benefits. The health benefits of coffee extend of enhanced brain functioning and work performance to something as big as reduced rates of certain types of cancers. Though we all take our coffee differently, we can all agree that it helps us to make it smoothly through the day.

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