An Overview of Raw Diets

Raw diet

Raw food diet plans have one distinct advantage over other plans. They have been around for thousands of years longer. The central concept of the raw diet is simple… eat only what our cavemen ancestors ate, and you will be slimmer, fitter, and healthier, and all without the daily danger of being eaten by a tiger. Here are some of the talking points.%3Cbr%3E

  • Convenience Conundrum. As the pace of life continues to pick up, our food options get faster too. With this speed comes a huge decrease in the nutritional value of the food we eat. Raw food diets avoid all the nasty side effects of trans fat, bad cholesterol, processed sugars, partially hydrogenated oils… anything used to make the mass preparation of food faster and cheaper. So do raw diets mean you need to spend a little more prep time on your meals rather than swinging by the drive thru? They certainly do, if you value your health.
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  • Maintaining Minerals. But even preparing otherwise healthy foods at home can be detrimental to your health, if not done properly. Baking, cooking, steaming, boiling, and really just about any application of heat can leach vital vitamins and minerals out of your fresh fruits and veggies. Raw diets advocate eating your greens right as they come from the ground, to get the maximum nutritional benefit.
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  • Fighting Physiology. Our bodies are essentially no different, physically, from our early ancestors. Therefore, raw diets claim, changing what we eat will only lead to problems. Foods that did not exist in prehistoric times are completely off the raw foot diet plan. If it has to be created in a factory, it should not go into your mouth.

With so many diets and fads and weight loss plans buzzing about our heads, it can be hard to decide which ones can really deliver the goods. While the interest in healthy diet plans shows a welcome shift in priorities among the chronically unfit in our country, the subsequent advertising shouting matches between competing methods can sometimes be deafening. Do your research before embarking on ANY new diet, so you can stay healthy and happy for years to come.

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