3 Tips for Having an Amazing Dinner Party

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Are you planning on throwing a dinner party this spring? It pays to get prepared ahead of time.
Not surprisingly, you?re going to want to impress your guests with your selection — whether it?s the appetizers or the drinks. The New York Times has argued that the dinner party is largely dead, but we?d say otherwise. Here are 5 tips you can keep in mind for a great dinner party that helps bring this trend back in vogue among your circle of friends.

1. Get Great Appetizers

The trick to choosing a great appetizer is getting foods that look great, are easy to eat, and, duh — taste good. There?s a lot of appetizers you can make yourself, or if you?re short on time, most grocery stores now feature a wide range of appetizer choices. Bruschetta is always a good option since it looks great, tastes good, and is easy to walk around the room with. Select at least five snacks so that your guests have options.

2. Don?t Forget the Drinks, and Try Edible Flowers!

Having a signature cocktail or two for your gathering will bring the night up to a new level of glam. For spring, think floral and light drinks — whether this means strawberry basil margaritas or a champagne cocktail. One way to spice things up: get edible flower petals to add to your drinks. Crystallized flowers can add an interesting bit of flavor to your drink, and for many guests, it?s going to be the first time they?ve tried anything like this. Many flowers are edible, including pansies, violas, and more — try crystallized rose, perhaps!

3. The Dinner

Planning a menu can sometimes feel like the most daunting aspect of your dinner party, but in many cases it?s just thinking about things in stages. Aim for a salad, a soup, and a main course at the very least. Concentrate on foods you?re familiar with — if you?re literally never cooked a crab before, you may not want to try it out when you?re serving 12 hungry guests. Tasting Table recommends choosing only one complicated dish — try and keep everything else simple so that you don?t become a harried kitchen slave at your party.

Will you be serving edible flower petals, bruschetta, or crab at your party? Remember, it’s supposed to be a fun night. Don’t stress too much — and don’t try making everything by hand!

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