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Why Candy Is The Perfect Gift For Wedding Guests

Written by Ron. Posted in Chocolate candy, Gourmet lollipop, Taffy online

When it comes to eating sweets, there’s no denying Americans love their candy. Whether you love mints, chocolate bars, tootsie rolls, gummies or sours, there’s no shortage of candy options available.

  • The average American chows down on nearly 25 pounds of candy each year and more than half of that candy eaten is chocolate bars.
  • About 25% of Americans have at least one piece of candy every single day.
  • Americans older than 18 eat 65% of candy that’s made each year.
  • Americans love chocolate. More than two billion pounds of chocolate are eaten by Americans every year, which works out to more than 11 pounds per person.

Everyone loves candy, which makes it the perfect choice for gifts. Whether you’re giving it out a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower or another event, thank you candy is a gift everyone can enjoy.

When it comes to thank you candy, the sky is the limit. You can get personalized MandMs with names on them, you can