Why Candy Is The Perfect Gift For Wedding Guests

When it comes to eating sweets, there’s no denying Americans love their candy. Whether you love mints, chocolate bars, tootsie rolls, gummies or sours, there’s no shortage of candy options available.

  • The average American chows down on nearly 25 pounds of candy each year and more than half of that candy eaten is chocolate bars.
  • About 25% of Americans have at least one piece of candy every single day.
  • Americans older than 18 eat 65% of candy that’s made each year.
  • Americans love chocolate. More than two billion pounds of chocolate are eaten by Americans every year, which works out to more than 11 pounds per person.

Everyone loves candy, which makes it the perfect choice for gifts. Whether you’re giving it out a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower or another event, thank you candy is a gift everyone can enjoy.

When it comes to thank you candy, the sky is the limit. You can get personalized MandMs with names on them, you can put a company logo on a chocolate bar to improve brand recognition. You can get a gift basket full of thank you candy with a custom message you can give to loved ones or important clients.

Many candy companies offer opportunities to add a special touch to thank you candy by using themed templates or by creating a custom design to personalize it however an individual or a company would like.

Weddings are another opportunity to give out thank you candy in a unique way. When it comes to choosing party favors, candy favors are popular because they are economical and they can give guests something to munch on before food is served.

When choosing wedding candy favors, here are some unique ideas you can use for your reception:

  • Candy bars: As previously mentioned, Americans love their candy bars and wedding guests will enjoy them too. The happy couple can either go through a chocolate company to create a custom bar or they can jazz up store-bought candy bars with personalized labels.
  • Kisses: Using Hersey’s Kisses as part of your centerpieces for guest tables gives it a little extra pop. Plus, there are plenty of flavors available that you can use an assortment to make a creative, colorful and tasty arrangement.
  • Dipped candy: There are an endless array of options available when it comes to candy and that’s especially true if you dip candies in chocolate. Chocolate-dipped fruit is always popular, but savory items can make for great party gifts too. Dipped items like marshmallows and pretzels are fun and can be wrapped up in color cellophane with colorful ribbon. If you serve coffee at your wedding reception, these chocolate-dipped items can be the perfect compliment.
  • Vintage candy: If you’re guest list for your wedding reception is a little bit of an older crowd, one way to wow them and thank them is with vintage candy. Many companies offer lots of vintage candy options nowadays whether you’re looking for salt water taffy, lollipops or even bigger items like Moon Pies. Adding a nostalgic touch for your guests with vintage thank you candy will bring fond memories and wide smiles.
  • Buffet: If you want to give guest some extra variety, why not have a candy buffet? You can have several types of candy in different-sized bowls at each table or you can have big bowls that everyone can come to and help themselves. If you don’t want to do candy, a chocolate fountain is a great option and you can offer guests plenty of options for dipping.

Bottom line: you can’t lose with thank you candy. Whether you’re giving it out a wedding or sending it out to clients around the country, you have endless options to choose from and to come up with something that people are sure to enjoy. The next time you’re looking to show someone you care or to show them how much you appreciate them, thank you candy will be the home run that will bring a smile to their face.

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