Paper Cups, Bowls, and Other Dishes to Save on Cost and Disposal

Paper cups are beneficial to many different locations and for various events. Cheap paper cups are often able to provide both cost savings along with the ability to recycle easily. When planning an event or gathering, many types of paper cups are available to match the style of your event along with the beverages to be served.

Hot Paper Cups
Hot paper cups seem to be the most common, especially being used at coffee shops, in offices, and other places where coffee is served. These may not all be cheap paper cups, but there are many benefits to the different types of paper cups that are available in various locations. You have the ability to recycle, of course, along with the ability to save money with wholesale options, lids to help prevent messes, and many additional options.

If you think about the fact that coffee shops have about $12 billion in sales annually, there is much to gain from using cost-efficient, recyclable, paper cups to serve customers. With this much coffee leaving these stores on an annual basis, you can only imagine how many of these cups there are. While some stores provide the option to purchase your own coffee mug for filling, knowing that these paper cups are able to recycle is valuable to our landfills and the earth as a whole.

In Addition to Cheap Paper Cups
Another paper serving option is the paper soup container. In some restaurants, this is just an option for the to-go orders, but other smaller locations use paper bowls, plates, and more. This makes for easy cleaning along with the recycling options. There is also the removal of a need to replace broken dishes or glasses when the paper is used. When the paper is the 100% serving option, there is no need to manage the inventory of dishes plus to-go paper as it is all the same. Lids are able to fit on those bowls and cups alike. With soup being such a common meal for lunch, about 10 million bowls in America annually, this is a good option for restaurants that do a great deal of business at lunch.

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