Online Meat Markets A Welcome Alternative to Taking Yet Another Trip to the Store

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When you have a large household or entertain on a regular basis, chances are that you prefer buying your meat in bulk. Whether you purchase these meat packages from your favorite butcher or online, you’re aware that buying in bulk is both convenient and more economical

Do you enjoy serving steaks and other prime cuts of beef to your family and friends? What about large burgers and small sliders with a variety of toppings? These are easy to prepare and popular for weekend get-togethers and other meals. So, too, are steaks grilled on the barbecue.

Are you familiar with grass-fed beef? This type of beef has high levels of protein along with low levels of fat. Given this, it requires 30% less time to cook and continues to cook after its removed from the heat. After being cooked, lean beef will have a protein content between 26% to 27%. It’s also important to note that high-quality, grass-fed beef has all of the eight essential amino acids that your body requires. In addition to the nutritional benefits, grass-fed beef makes for a delicious meal.

How much meat do you think you and your family consume over the course of a year? The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development collected data on this. In 2014 alone, the average person in the United States ate around 198 pounds of meat. In addition to beef, Americans also enjoyed eating pork, lamb, and other types of meat.

Do you often shop online for clothing, gifts, and household necessities such as food? Nielsen’s “The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper” report showed that over 70% of households in the United States will be shopping for food online within the next decade. While many Americans already purchase a large quantity of household items and food online, this is expected to increase for a variety of reasons. The convenience alone accounts for more and more people choosing this option.

Have you purchased grass fed beef online? If you purchase your meat in bulk or in individual meal-sized meat packages, you may want to consider purchasing from online meat markets. When you have a busy life, or just appreciate being able to have your meat conveniently delivered to your door, it can be a welcome option to taking another trip to the store.

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