What are Food Inspections Systems?

Written by Ron. Posted in Industrial packaging machines, Plastic clamshell, Shrink sleeves

Food packaging automation machines

A tremendous amount of our food is pre-packaged. Packaging allows food to travel long distances safely and let’s us eat foods that we might otherwise have no access to. Food packaging materials and food packaging equipment have to be perfectly sterile and regularly inspected in order to ensure the quality and safety of all of this food. But even the safest, cleanest, and most regularly maintained machines are not enough. Once the food has been processed, it still needs to be inspected.

Each year, more then 48 million people in the United States get sick from some kind of food borne disease, and 3,000 die. While many foodborne illnesses are the result of eating fresh food that has not been properly cleaned or has turned, packaged food also must be kept safe. Because food is so often proc