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Do I Need a Reefer Unit?

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There are many important things to have and to remember when hauling temperature sensitive content long distance. One of those things is your carrier reefer, a device designed to keep refrigerated trailers at a cold temperature. Whether you buy a reefer unit new or used, having one is still important to maximize your driving efficiency and minimize any losses of product you may accumulate. Here are some quick, important facts about your carrier reefer and heavy hauling.

One: over five hundred thousand reefer trailers are currently being used across the United States.

Two: On average, wholesale reefer units can be anywhere between 28 and 53 feet in length. However, they will never be more than thirteen and a half feet in height.

Three: A reefer trailer can only carry up to forty four thousand pounds.

Four: A new reefer trailer is not cheap; in fact, the global refr

Why Your Office Needs a Single Coffee Maker

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Coffee is an essential part of many people’s morning routines. Whether you have a whole pot of java to yourself before work every morning, swing through a coffee shop drive through on your commute, or just make a single serve as an afternoon pick me up, odds are you enjoy coffee just as much as most adults.

In fact, the average American coffee drinker has over three cups of coffee a day. What would be the benefits of adding a single cup office coffee machine to a a place of work at these consumption rates?

There are several health benefits in making single cup office coffee readily available to your employees. Many peer reviewed scientific journals link drinking coffee with a lower risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and suicide risk. It is associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, as well.

Business coffee
will increase your employees’ productivity as well.

Things You Never Needed to Know about Craft Beer (But Now You Do)

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Finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city can be no easy task, especially if you are new to the city. There seems to be dozens of pizza joints and a new Chinese buffet once a week, and all kinds of hole in the wall places that boast something unique: “Full vintage arcade!” “No ingredients in our restaurant are ever frozen!” “We serve our food on stone, not plates!” So how in the world do the savvy locals pick their go to eateries? Online review sites are more and more no help to tourists and newbies, since four out of five reviews are staged and the fifth is grossly overexaggerated. If you want to know what the hip locals are attracted to, the answer is in the beer. More specifically, the craft beer.

The craft beer industry has grown to be vastly popular amongst metropolitan dwellers who are active in bars, pubs, historic eateries, and local watering holes. These people, most affluent young to middle aged adults, enjoy the urban dining life’s ability to provide

The Best Way To Reduce Stress For Your Next Corporate Meeting

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Businesses make the same mistakes with their corporate events all the time. Rather than opting for food with their important meetings they instead but a veggie tray, fruit try, and bagels and call it a day. Of course there’s nothing wrong with bagels, Bagels are a convenient thing to grab and get down to business with. Have you ever thought of changing your approach from the simple and convenient? Better yet, have you thought about making your workers happier with something a little less boring and predictable? For larger events and meetings before you head for those bagels and cream cheese give this one thought. Corporate catering! Corporate catering can change your next meeting for the better and your workers will surly be thankful for it.

Event catering can be a tricky thing. Trying to find a dish (or dishes) that everyone will eat turns into nightmares for most people. How exactly can you make the most of your event and make everyone happy at the same time? Consider using a M