How to Make Whiskey on Your Own

In this video, you will learn about making your own whiskey. Making whiskey can be challenging, but this video goes through some basic steps on how to do it on your own. Most alcohol tastes better when it is fermented in a barrel. You want a natural flavor of grain alcohol.

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It is inexpensive but it is good. It does not have a lot of extra things that you do not want. Really what you want to do is start off with a base. The starting price can be about $10. If you have a barrel that holds a liter, you will pour half a liter into the barrel. Some people like to use moonshine in their barrels. You can find this in your liquor store as well. Then, you will add your essence. This is the flavor. If you want your alcohol to be flavored like a crown royal, you buy the appropriate flavor to the mix. One flavor bottle is required for 1/5 of each mixture. You want to shake it up good so it is mixed. Let it start aging. You can leave it in there a few weeks and you will have something you like better on the shelf.

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