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Things You Never Needed to Know about Craft Beer (But Now You Do)

Written by Ron. Posted in Liquor store wilmington de, Local brew, Wedding liquor list

Finding the best local place for growler fills in a new city can be no easy task, especially if you are new to the city. There seems to be dozens of pizza joints and a new Chinese buffet once a week, and all kinds of hole in the wall places that boast something unique: “Full vintage arcade!” “No ingredients in our restaurant are ever frozen!” “We serve our food on stone, not plates!” So how in the world do the savvy locals pick their go to eateries? Online review sites are more and more no help to tourists and newbies, since four out of five reviews are staged and the fifth is grossly overexaggerated. If you want to know what the hip locals are attracted to, the answer is in the beer. More specifically, the craft beer.

The craft beer industry has grown to be vastly popular amongst metropolitan dwellers who are active in bars, pubs, historic eateries, and local watering holes. These people, most affluent young to middle aged adults, enjoy the urban dining life’s ability to provide