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What In the World Is a Beer Growler?

Written by Ron. Posted in Growler, Insulated stainless steel growler, Keg cap tap

It’s no secret that Americans and beer have gone hand-in-hand since the foundation of the country: we’re producers (up to 85% of all beer in the U.S. comes from us!), patrons, and pioneers of brew. Even when presented with the choice of wine or spirits, 43% of Americans prefer a cold brew. Beer gifts are the best gift for beer lovers, and gifting the beverage of choice is often just as valuable as gifting beer containers and beer equipment. Discerning drinkers, or simply casual drinkers who seek an elevated experience, are more than likely to understand that beer containers enhance certain aspects of the beverage. A drink’s longevity, carbonation, and flavor can be controlled by the right beer containers, and there is no better piece of beer equipment than an awesome growler.

A “growler” is the name given to the airtight and jug-shaped beer containers which essentially “lock in” the carbon