What In the World Is a Beer Growler?

It’s no secret that Americans and beer have gone hand-in-hand since the foundation of the country: we’re producers (up to 85% of all beer in the U.S. comes from us!), patrons, and pioneers of brew. Even when presented with the choice of wine or spirits, 43% of Americans prefer a cold brew. Beer gifts are the best gift for beer lovers, and gifting the beverage of choice is often just as valuable as gifting beer containers and beer equipment. Discerning drinkers, or simply casual drinkers who seek an elevated experience, are more than likely to understand that beer containers enhance certain aspects of the beverage. A drink’s longevity, carbonation, and flavor can be controlled by the right beer containers, and there is no better piece of beer equipment than an awesome growler.

A “growler” is the name given to the airtight and jug-shaped beer containers which essentially “lock in” the carbonation and flavor of the beverage, a solid guarantee that your beverage of choice will remain as fresh as it would be at the bar. These jugs typically hold two liters of beer in a 64 ounce growler. The basic parts of these awesome growlers are the growler container or growler “keg,” the growler pressure cap, and the growler tap. Growlers come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and materials that influence the price and effect of the growler. Historically, the growler was used as early as the 19th century, when savvy drinkers would take their jugs to the pubs and have it filled with fresh beer which they could take home and enjoy later. That very process is still possible, and with advancements in the design of the growler, including CO2 lines for maintaining carbonation, beer becomes much more savory and long-lasting while stored. The process behind filling a growler is quite simple: ask a bartender to fill up your container with your beverage of choice, and they will do so while maintaining a proper CO2-to-oxygen ratio, thereby allowing you to enjoy a fresh beer anytime.

The three most popular materials for growlers are glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Glass growlers are awesome growlers for those who yearn for the old-fashioned style of the personal keg with the added benefit of translucence. Unlike stainless steel or ceramic growlers, glass growlers allows the user to see just much beer is left, as well as track how much beer goes in to prevent overfilling. Typically the least expensive of the three growlers, glass growlers make great gifts for those who desire a refined drinking experience. If durability is a concern, the stainless steel beer growler a great alternative, as it is less prone to chip and crack and a better insulator of temperature for the beverage. Finally, ceramic growlers offer a more subtle-appearing container, with the best surface for customization and personalized touches, like an engraved name or message. Personalizing your awesome growlers for yourself or as a gift for the beer lover in your life brings out the best part of the drinking experience: the people you raise a glass with.

Whether the growler you buy is customized or not is up to you, but no matter which of the three materials you choose, who you buy it for, or what you put in it, a beer growler can be an amazing beer gift that allows for a higher level of the drinking experience. The craftsmanship and purpose behind the growler is the same as it was in the 1800’s. Even if technology has improved upon its functionality since then, the message remains the same: good beer should be enjoyed with the ones that deserve it.

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