Flan Tastes Really Good!

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Flan is a popular Mexican dessert. Most people like to enjoy their flan after eating their arroz con pollo, their ceviche that follows their great grandmother’s ceviche recipe and maybe even some empanadas on the side. Now that is what many would call a meal fit for a Mexican or Latin American king! Hispanic food is very popular, and while some may argue that it is rich in calories, everyone will say that those enchiladas are worth the extra calories!

Perhaps when comparing all the dessert options there are out there, there are very few desserts that will match up to the goodness that flan gives someone. For some people, they cannot put the flan down and that they battle the bulge their whole lives as a result of flan. Flan is a heavy dessert, and very fattening. Many people find it hard to resist because of its creamy feeling. It is heavy in some many sugars and milk products. Some people must even curb their intake of flan to the point where they only have it once or twice a year on special occasions.

This is evidence that flan really is that good. There are many dessert options out there and if flan is always being picked as the favorite among Hispanics and others from other cultural backgrounds, then there is something to be said about it!

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