Raw Food? Other Than Sushi?

Healthy diet plan

We have all heard about the raw food diet but what is not talked about as much is why the raw food diet is a healthy diet plan. Raw food diet plans limit food that a person eats to food not heated over 104 to 118 degrees, had been fermented or dehydrated under low heat. The raw diet grew out of the belief that cooking food removes from it its nutritional value. Some raw food dieters even believe cooked and processed food to damage your health overall because of claims that the cooking process itself created toxic compounds within the food we eat.

There are also various subcategories within raw food diets. Some raw diets are vegan diets with absolutely no animal products, some raw diets are vegetarian and include raw milk products and other raw diet eaters only limit their intake to raw food itself and still consume raw dairy and animal products such as meat jerky, and sashimi.

As the raw food diet becomes more widespread, there are more options for raw dieters to eat out all the time. Raw diet restaurants are opening all over the United States. Many larger cities also have raw food clubs and cooking clubs. And people curious about the raw diet can find a plethora of raw diet recipes online. There are some concerns, however, about the raw diet. Some doctors, and mothers, worry that raw food dieters are not getting enough varied nutrients in their diet and that could lead to vitamin deficiencies and the like. Understandable, but this writer believes that if you are interested in the cleansing and healthful benefits to a raw food diet then you should give it a try. Just be cautious to have variety and do your research be sure you are getting what your body needs.

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