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Do I Need a Reefer Unit?

Written by Ron. Posted in Carrier reefer, New reefer trailer, Used reefer trailers

There are many important things to have and to remember when hauling temperature sensitive content long distance. One of those things is your carrier reefer, a device designed to keep refrigerated trailers at a cold temperature. Whether you buy a reefer unit new or used, having one is still important to maximize your driving efficiency and minimize any losses of product you may accumulate. Here are some quick, important facts about your carrier reefer and heavy hauling.

One: over five hundred thousand reefer trailers are currently being used across the United States.

Two: On average, wholesale reefer units can be anywhere between 28 and 53 feet in length. However, they will never be more than thirteen and a half feet in height.

Three: A reefer trailer can only carry up to forty four thousand pounds.

Four: A new reefer trailer is not cheap; in fact, the global refr