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Ice Cream Continues to be a Popular Year Round Dessert

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The story about the ice cream was definitely the funniest!
When college girlfriends get together they obviously do a lot of talking. And while most of the first conversations are about the kids, the husbands, and current jobs, memories are always creeping in. In fact, it is often difficult to keep up with the ping ponging that goes on. One friend starts a story about her oldest daughter’s escapades while working at a local ice cream shop, and without fail the group falls back on one of the silliest capers of their days in college.
The story gets embellished with each telling, but the basics are that three of the girls in your group had promised each other that they would go out for their favorite soft serve crunch cones if they all did well on an exam. Two of the other girls in the group were more than a little sad that they were not included. As a result, the left out two concocted a crazy scheme where they borrowed some keys and made plans to hide in the truck of the car. Wit

Buying Healthy Foods Increases the Chances That Your Kids Will Eat Healthy Foods

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If you are working on eating a more healthy diet then you know that the good cholesterol in peanuts is not a problem for a person who is eating a balanced diet. For parents of busy toddlers and teenagers who do not always take or have the time to eat balanced meals, the cholesterol in peanuts comes with high amounts of proteins and other important nutrients. Especially if you are feeding your children real peanut butter that does not include sugars, salts, or other necessary ingredients, parents know that this is a quick source of protein that can be as tasty in the kitchen as it is on the road.
Peanut calories provide the kind of nutrition that allows you to enjoy these high protein snacks at any time of the day. In the morning for breakfast, at noon for lunch, in the evening for diner, and late at night as a snack before bed, there are many families who purchase peanuts and peanut b

Great Peanut Snacks for a Hike

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If you’re heading for a hike soon, you know just how much energy you can expend while climbing up! Whether you’re going to be at high or low elevations, it’s very important to stay hydrated and bring plenty of healthy snacks to keep you going. Regardless of the level of hiker you are, it’s very important to bring along snacks that can give you the right amount of energy needed for your trip.

Some great hiking foods are trail mix (filled with dried fruit, nuts, and pieces of chocolate), peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and hummus with peppers and other fresh vegetables. You can also opt to pack a turkey wrap with tomatoes, spinach, and mayo if you want.

One of the best kind of nuts to have with you on your hike are peanuts, but just what is the peanut nutritional value?

Peanuts have a ton of different health benefits for your body, such as being able to prevent diabetes. Since peanuts contain manganese, which helps with carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption a

What In the World Is a Beer Growler?

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It’s no secret that Americans and beer have gone hand-in-hand since the foundation of the country: we’re producers (up to 85% of all beer in the U.S. comes from us!), patrons, and pioneers of brew. Even when presented with the choice of wine or spirits, 43% of Americans prefer a cold brew. Beer gifts are the best gift for beer lovers, and gifting the beverage of choice is often just as valuable as gifting beer containers and beer equipment. Discerning drinkers, or simply casual drinkers who seek an elevated experience, are more than likely to understand that beer containers enhance certain aspects of the beverage. A drink’s longevity, carbonation, and flavor can be controlled by the right beer containers, and there is no better piece of beer equipment than an awesome growler.

A “growler” is the name given to the airtight and jug-shaped beer containers which essentially “lock in” the carbon