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How Coffee Could Be Helping You To Perform Better In The Workplace

Written by Ron. Posted in Coffee provider for businesses, Office coffee vendor, Water cooler services

Commercial office coffee machines

It’s lucky for many of us that there are actual health benefits of coffee. For those who need coffee to get going in the morning, fear not, coffee is not as bad for you as you may have thought – and in fact might even be beneficial for you! Health benefits of coffee are considerable, and drinking coffee can actually have a positive impact on your overall health.

And it’s good news too, because coffee drinking is part of our culture here in the United States. More than half of all adult Americans drink coffee at least once a day, and the average coffee drinking adult consumes just over three cups. Nearly half of all employed people in the United States say that without coffee, it would be difficult to get going in the mornings, and that it helps them be more productive than they would wi