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Microgreen is the New Black

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Micro basil

Included in the over 100 types of commonly known garden flowers known for consumption purposes, organic micro greens are small but mighty. Eaten and enjoyed for the past 20-30 years, these edible flowers are tasty additions to make your plate look wonderful.
This specialty produce is found most frequently in fine dining restaurants. Seeing how households with income of $100,000 or higher are responsible for 36% of the total spending on food away from home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an easy way to take a taste an organic micro green is to pop over to a restaurant near you. On average, the cost of eating out is $28.55, a little price to pay to experiment with your palate.

The Most Popular Frozen Desserts

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Paper cups

Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert that has been enjoyed by people around the globe since as early as 400 BC. Over hundreds of years, ice cream has changed, evolved and developed to include countless flavors and variations on the original frozen sweet treat, with certain types being unique to certain parts of the world.

Ice Cream and Other Popular Variations

Ice Cream (U.S.)
The classic style of ice cream enjoyed in the United States is comprised of cream, sugar, and a flavoring (typically a fruit). Statues in the U.S. also state that ice cream must contain 10% butterfat. This style is known as Philadelphia style, and can be enjoyed in a bowl, ice cream cup, or waffle cone.

Recent surveys (particularly those by the International Ice Cream Associat