YoGo Factory Now Has Its Own App Too


Thanks to people’s desire to be healthier today, there’s a new trend. This trend is towards frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. YoGo Factory is actually cashing in on this now.

One company is taking this further than any other though. Yogo factory has actually done something that no other frozen yogurt company has tried before. They have put together an app for their clients’ mobile phones.

The Yogo Factory app helps the store’s customers keep in touch with the YoGo Factory. This is because the YoGo Factory app includes directions to the store that’s located nearest whatever location you may be at right now; contact details just in case you still get lost; money saving coupons for you to use; fun photo contests for you to get involved with and a whole lot more. For instance, if you’re health conscience, the YoGo Factory actually has nutrition information available for you to use.

Now you can clearly see why the Yogo Factory is actually the world’s fastest growing premium frozen yogurt store franchise. Yogo Factory actually has new locations that are opening daily. People really are using the YoGo Factory to find these stores too because they not only love the yogurt combinations that they can create but they also love the environment that they can enjoy them in.

Now you know where to go for the ultimate frozen yogurt shop experience. Yogo Factory offers well over 50 different flavors along with more than 100 different toppings. The result is that Yogo Factory actually has thousands of combinations available for you to choose from. It’s easy to do too since you create your own Yogo Factory experience inside of one of their many different self serve stores. Of course, all of this is also a whole lot easier today thanks to the Yogo Factory app.

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