Why Going Vegan Is The Best Choice For You And The Planet

Going vegan has been considered by many to be a fad that follows along with societal factors about weight loss and diet tips. But the fact is the choice of vegan is a great, healthy alternative to all other food choices. Over the years the option to go vegan has debated by many as the optimal choice for health reasons, and the popularity has significantly grown because many people have made the switch—over the last three years, the number of vegans in the U.S alone has increased by an astronomical 600%. Our knowledge about the meat industry and its exploitative, inhumane treatment of animals has left us with a substantial impact, and a more in-depth perspective into why changing to a plant-based diet is best for the planet and life-altering health benefits.

Benefits Of Going Vegan

1. Reducing meat consumption and switching to plant-based meat alternatives could decline health care and climate change cost by $31 trillion between 2016 and 2050.

2. Studies have shown that people who opt for vegan-friendly meat products reduce their mortality rate 20% lower than those who eat meat.

3. Those who have chosen to eat meat made from plants can prevent severe health conditions—a plant-based diet has been proven to reduce angina attacks by an upwards of 90% in a little as a few weeks.

The Best Vegan Meat Substitutes Foods and Recipes

For some, the idea of going vegan is difficult because they worry about exchanging tasty foods for the sake of health. While that isn’t an issue for some, many people simply avoid going vegan altogether because of this misconception propelled by the media that a plant-based diet is a bland lifestyle. We’re here to tell you, that’s not true. Vegan foods are both bursting with flavor and a healthy lifestyle choice, which means you can truly have the best of both worlds.

1. Tofurky Deli Slices: For many first-time vegans their primary concern is missing the savory taste of meats. However, that’s no longer an issue, many vegan options on the market, like Tofurky Deli Slices, provide you with the same texture and even taste to make vegan meant substitutes more appealing. These deli slices come in a variety of flavors found (or not) in regular deli meat, such as honey glazed turkey, cranberry turkey, Philly cheesesteak, and vegan pork.

2. Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties:Morningstar has made a name for itself as the savior of plant-based proteins. Its amazing taste makes you forget it’s a substitute, which is why many vegans considered Morningstar their go-to brand. Their breakfast options are the most popular, from vegan pork sausage patties with maple syrup to their famous plant meet beef burgers; you can have a 5-course meal without sacrificing any of the taste.

3. Gardein products: Like Morningstar, Gardein is quickly making a name for itself for its unbelievably tasty plant based beef products. Its popularity arises from Oprah’s acclaimed vegan, Tal Ronnen who supports the brand. Exclusively sold at Whole Foods, it’s unlike any vegan meal you’ve had before—from their vegan pork to beef and chicken substitute, it’ll truly change your perception of going vegan.

4. Quorn Chicken Nuggets:

Quorn is best known for its vegetarian and vegan options, so it’s almost impossible their chicken nuggets would be anything less than great. Their secret to creating their ideal chicken taste is fermented mushrooms, making their plant based chicken nuggets a major success among even non-vegans.

5. Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Rice (Gluten Free): Curry is a weakness for many of us thinking about converting over to a plant based diet as our New Year’s resolution. However, this delicious recipe shows it’s more than possible to have your curry and eat it too! The variations of curry are what people tend to miss the most, but I’m here to tell you vegan pork curry is one of the best things you’re missing out on. For this recipe, make sure to account for a lot of spices to give it the same flavor.

6. Amazing Vegan Mac and Cheese: One of the best-known recipes for creating a vegan-based sauce that’s like the real thing.

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