Why Craft Beer Is Becoming So Popular

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Almost everyone enjoys a good beer after a long day at work. A beer can help to relieve stress, promote bonding between partners, friends, and family members, and be an enjoyable experience in and off itself. But there’s nothing worse than tasting a beer and finding it unappetizing or bland. Fortunately, independent breweries and craft beers are more common than ever, with small craft brewers representing up to 12% of the beer industry. In the United States, the craft beer industry – apart from the overall beer industry – is worth over $23 billion.

There are many ways to enjoy your favorite craft beer, from a steel growler to a double wall growler, to custom growlers. An Insulated stainless steel growler is particularly popular because of its appearance as well as durability, but no matter what type of growler you prefer, be it a steel growler or a vacuum growler, it’s really the beer inside that matter. American love beer, and for good reason. In a survey, almost 15% of respondents in the United States said that they drink beer at least once a week, if not more often. And though wine and other alcoholic beverages still remain popular, among of legal drinking age people in the United States, almost half prefer beer.

Craft beer drinkers, in particular, appreciate the nuances of beer. Using their stainless steel growler or other beer vessel, craft beer drinkers are particular about what kinds of beer they purchase. Their purchases depend on a variety of factors, one of the most prominent is the time of year. Almost eighty five percent of those who drink craft beer said that they purchase different types of craft beer at different times of the year, depending on the season and the ingredients used in each particular craft beer. Overall, people in the United States consumed almost 30 gallons of beer and cider combined in 2015 alone.

But consuming beer can actually have its health benefits. Though everything should be done in moderation, studies have shown that moderate drinkers (those who have approximately one drink a day) are actually more likely to exercise than those who don’t drink. This is a positive thing for sure, as up to 80% of adults aren’t getting the amount of exercise that is recommended and considered necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No matter what type of craft beer you enjoy, it’s clear that craft beer is becoming every more popular in the world, particularly in the United States.

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