The Benefits of Consuming Free-Range and Grass-Fed Meats and Poultry

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Americans consume a considerable amount of beef and chicken every year. On average, a person will eat 66.5 pounds of beef and 90 pounds of chicken throughout the year. Quite a few pounds of pork are consumed as well. Since many people in the United States are choosing to eat healthier, it’s not surprising that they are opting for sustainable meat rather than its counterpart.

Grass-fed beef, for example, has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and provides more vitamins A and E. It also contains up to seven times more beta carotene than its grain-fed counterparts. Furthermore, grass-fed cows are not given antibiotics as are their grain-fed counterparts. In 2001, estimates indicated that 60% to 80% of the antibiotics produced within this country were given to grain-fed livestock.

Free-range chicken is also considered to be healthier due to not being fed antibiotics. It, too, is more flavorful than its caged counterpart. While many people reach for free-range eggs at their local market, when available, they are also choosing to purchase more free-range chicken.

Pork from pasture pigs is also of a higher quality. This is because these pigs have 300% more vitamin E and 74% more selenium in their milk. As a result, the litters from these pigs are much healthier.

The Clinical Infectious Disease journal published a study on meat quality in 2011. The results found that an estimated 47% of the meat and poultry products available in supermarkets actually contained Staph bacteria. There are other health hazards when these products aren’t properly handled or inspected. Food-borne illnesses are unfortunately prevalent in this country, which underlines the importance of purchasing meat and poultry from quality establishments, which includes those available online.

Grass fed steaks and free range chicken along with free range pork can all be purchased online. In addition to the convenience of having a grass fed meat delivery, there are other benefits to ordering these and other meat and fish, such as wild salmon online. When individuals and families choose grass fed meat delivery, they know they will be receiving quality meat products that are not only healthier for them, but will have a better taste as well.

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