Reasons Why Coffee Is Here To Stay As Americans Favorite Drink

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Do you enjoy your daily cup of coffee? No matter if you enjoy one in the morning in white paper cups to go, a pot all day or an afternoon cup of decaf, coffee is engrained in our culture. People love drinking coffee and oftentimes rely on it to get them up and awake in the morning, through the day and into the night when there are long evenings of work to do. Have you ever wondered just how much coffee Americans drink, though? The numbers may surprise you.

People in the United States continue to drink coffee on a regular basis. In fact, the coffee industry is always booming. All-in-all the retail coffee market in the United States is estimated to be worth around $48 billion dollars. So, how much coffee does the average American need to drink to keep the industry making that much money every year. Each day, Americans drink an average of 1.64 cups of coffee according to statistics.

In the coffee industry, there are two main types of coffee beans made into coffee. The two types are Arabica and Robusta. The majority of the time you are drinking coffee, it is likely to be Arabica coffee, though.

When you break it down by types of coffee drinks that are popular, Americans enjoy a variety. The majority of individual prefer to drink their coffee with something in it. Around 65 percent total choose to add sugar and/or cream to their daily coffee. On the other hand, somewhere around 35 percent of people who drink coffee choose to drink it black without any sugar or milk.

If you are not drinking just regular black coffee or coffee with some sugar and milk, you probably prefer to get a specialty coffee drink like an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte or something iced. Around 150 million Americans enjoy these specialty drinks every day or on occasion. That equals 50 percent of the population choosing to indulge in these specialty coffee drinks.

When it comes to what time of the day people enjoy drinking coffee, it is all over the place. The breakfast hours are, of course, the most popular time of the day to consume your daily coffee. Around 65 percent of people claim this is when they enjoy their coffee beverage. In between meals comes in second place with 30 percent of people saying they enjoy a cup after or before a meal. Few people enjoy their coffee with meals, but it still ranks with five percent of people claiming this to be true.

Whether you are making coffee at home in a coffee cup or you are buying your coffee to go in white paper cups or custom paper cups with lids and wooden stir sticks, it is your personal preference. While many people do enjoy going out for coffee at a coffee shop, others prefer to stay home and make it. In fact, around 86 percent of people saying they have been making their coffee at home lately.

Even so, there are always times when stopping at a coffee shop is convenient and essential to get through your day. If you are in a hurry or you have run out of coffee at home, stopping at a coffee shop to grab coffee in white paper cups with lids can truly save the day. The convenience and ease of the purchase makes it all the worthwhile to help you get the energy you need to get through the day.

What?s more is that some doctors claim that drinking coffee can help you with more than just energy. Studies have shown that it can help prevent cognitive decline if you drink around three to five cups a day out of whatever you want from a custom coffee mug to white paper cups. This has proven to be especially helpful with Alzheimer?s patients or those with dementia.

How do you enjoy your cup of coffee? Do you prefer it on the go, at home, black, or as a specialty drink? Let us know in the comments what your favorite type of coffee is and how often you drink a cup.

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