Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors (And How They’re Made)

Paper ice cream cup

In 2014, Yahoo and Vision Critical created an online survey asking what was the American consumer’s favorite ice cream. That survey ended up getting over a thousand responses and below you can find the list of the top 10 as well as a few of the main ingredients needed to make these delicious dessert cups. So, once you’re finished get your shoes on and head out to get ice cream party supplies, ingredients, and frozen yogurt spoons.

  1. Other
    That’s right. The first flavor on the list is actually a mix of all the flavors that didn’t actually make the list. 7% of respondents said that they liked a flavor that didn’t make the list. So, if you’re a fan of rum raisin, chocolate chip, butter brickle, or whatever else, you would go in this spot.
  2. Coffee
    The next flavor on the list is the ever American treat, coffee. We Americans love our coffee and some of us drink as if it’s a replacement for water. As such, this ice cream treat is just right for the number 9 spot with 6% of the vote. As for the most important flavor to make this dessert, coffee beans. Go figure.
  3. Rocky Road
    Ah, rocky road. You made the number 8 spot with another 6%. This ice cream is made with cocoa powder, condensed milk, and two different kinds of cream. In addition, possibly the most important ingredients in this ice cream are nuts and marshmallows. Some feel that pecans are the best nut to add, but really it depends on your taste.
  4. Butter Pecan
    Speaking of pecans, it is the major ingredient in this next ice cream. The number 7 spot with 8% of the votes goes to Butter Pecan. Just as you would expect based on its name, this frozen treat is chuck full of buttery pecan flavor. In fact, this delicious dessert is made of pecans, butter, sugar, and lots of cream. Put some on frozen yogurt spoons and celebrate.
  5. Strawberry
    At only the number 6 spot is what some would consider the third in the holy trinity of ice cream. Strawberry creates an infectious sense of joy as people sink into its creamy goodness. This ice cream which gained the hearts of 9% of the survey’s participants is made primarily with strawberries and cream.
  6. Mint Chocolate Chip
    Next on the list is the number 5 choice. Mint chocolate chip is made with, you guessed it, mint and chocolate chips. To get that minty flavor, add a few drops of peppermint extract (and a few drops of green coloring too).
  7. Cookie Dough
    Cookie Dough, along with mint chocolate chip, earned favor with 11% of the respondents for the survey. This flavor is two desserts in one. You make cookie dough as if you were going to bake it, but in smaller sizes, and then add it to a great helping of ice cream. Then, get your frozen yogurt spoons out and enjoy.
  8. Vanilla
    This ice cream flavor needs no introduction as it makes first on many favorite flavors lists, but not this one. On this list it’s at number 3 with 12% favor-ability. In addition, you’ll find that the main ingredient is in fact vanilla abstract.
  9. Cookies and Cream
    This flavor has skyrocketed within the last few decades. The main ingredients for the number 2 flavor with 13% of respondents’s love are in the title, cookies and cream. Specifically, stuff your ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and enjoy the creamy/crunchy goodness.
  10. Chocolate
    And the number 1 spot on our list? Well, it goes to Chocolate. This is another ice cream flavor that has its main ingredient in it’s name. If you want to make this ice cream make sure to stock up on chocolate and cocoa. Dark chocolate is best, but make sure that there’s enough cream and milk to ensure this sweet treat doesn’t come out bitter.

That’s it for the top ten list of America’s favorite ice cream flavors. Now that you’ve got the information down and read the full list, it’s time to make some of your own. Head on down to your local grocery store, get the ingredients you need, and grab some frozen yogurt spoons. Then, get to enjoying your food.

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