Let’s Not Have Anyone Scream Over Dropped Ice Cream

Ice cream parlor supplies

Ice cream cones are fun to have on a hot day, but as parents know they can be fickle in tiny hands. Top-heavy and prone to dripping everywhere, cones are a fun edible means of holding ice cream but there are other ice cream containers that are better at keeping tiny hands clean.

How Much Ice Cream Are We Eating?

A lot. The National Purchase Diary, or NPD group, found in one survey that 40% of Americans eat ice cream about every two weeks at least. Other reports insist that the average person will eat ice cream about 29 times each year. The don’t specify what kind, but vanilla is still going strong as the favorite flavor at 28% according to a recent survey by the International Ice Cream Association member companies. It must have something to do with vanilla’s mellow flavor: it goes with any topping you want to throw on it.

Nothing Says Fun Like an Old Fashioned Sundae.

Who doesn’t love a sundae? Scoops of ice cream piled high in a dessert cup, covered with hot fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles with a cherry on top — it’s picture-perfect. Perhaps in today’s social media-conscious world, Instagram-perfect might be a more apt term.

The idea of a classic sundae does bring up the topic of ice cream cups. The tall glass versions that were served at ice cream parlors aren’t friendly to take-out. The average family will want something disposable on a busy summer evening. Thankfully, there’s some very unique options on the market today, it just takes a little searching.

Choosing the Right Ice Cream Containers for a Party, or Just for the Family.

If you were to go on any social media site during the hottest months, you’d quickly find dozens of pictures proudly displaying slightly-melted ice cream in cones, dishes, and paper cups. For our purposes, we’ll focus on the paper cups. See, it’s been established that while an ice cream dish is picturesque, it’s not very portable. A cone is portable, but can quickly turn into a messy situation if the holder of the cone is lacking dexterity, which if it’s at a summer party could be applied to a person of any age. So paper cups it is.

There is no reason your ice cream containers should be dull. Try to pick a package of brightly colored cups, or perhaps one with fun designs, as if it is meant for a party the ice cream containers should be anything but dull. Add coordinating tasting spoons and you’ll be set, with less clean up too!

Everyone loves a big summer party, especially one that has a sweet treat at the end. To make guests feel special, it is the little details that impress. While the ice cream is the main star of dessert, the container can be a supporting player.

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