Ice Cream, Dessert Cups, and Everything In Between

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Right now in the United States, there has been a huge culture shift that has taken place over the past twenty years. Thanks to the rise and expansion of technology, people are now experiencing the world in ways that were not possible before. Now, people are more open to trying new foods, desserts, and experiences!

The rise of food blogs and the culture around food has morphed into a field of entertainment. There are food television shows and blogs that dedicate their levels of production towards talking about and reviewing food. This includes dessert supplies, frozen treats, gelato, and all different kinds of frozen treats. Here are some of the facts on ice cream and dessert cups.

Within the course of a random period of two weeks, it has determined by the NPD group that almost 40% of all Americans will consume ice cream. This is a statistic that goes to show just how popular ice cream is amongst people in the United States. This is surprising because right now there are more alternatives to eat out of dessert cups as opposed to any other time in the history of this country.

Within the course of one year, it has been determined that the average American citizen will end up consuming nearly 28 times. So think about this for a second because it means that one person will sit down to eat ice cream nearly 30 times. Plus, across the nation, nearly 90% of all families in the United States will regularly consume frozen treats out of dessert cups.

Out of all twelve months in the year, the highest amount of ice cream is produced within the month of June. This is because ice cream is most often consumed out of dessert cups in the summer. People truly enjoy balancing out the hot weather with a nice cold treat that is enjoyable to their taste buds.

Every single year, there are over 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream produced across the United States. There is one particular flavor that is more popular than others according to the International Ice Cream Association’s survey. this survey revealed that according to 28% of all consumers, vanilla is the best ice cream flavor.

After the churning process has been finished ice cream will contain just about 50% more air than before. This is interesting when compared to gelato, which will normally contain up to 30% of air. Just about 10% of all the milk that dairy farmers produce in the United States is in turn used to create ice cream!

In Conclusion

Ice cream is so popular in the United States whether it is served in a cone or whether it is served in dessert cups. This is so much so that by the end of 2013 there were over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores opened up across the country. Frozen yogurt is identical to ice cream but has been deemed to be a healthy alternative.

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