I love guacamole

What is guacamole

When I’m perusing the web for different food recipes, I always find myself searching for recipes with guacamole in them. Perhaps I am just a nut for guacamole, but give me some classic guacamole recipes for fresh guacamole dips, and I am in heaven. Find me a spicy guacamole dip and that will probably get made up that same evening. I love stumbling across some online recipes using guacamole in some way I have yet to previously encounter. Making a fun dip to go along with some tortilla chips always serves as a treat when I have friends over. It goes great with tequila drinks as well. You might be asking yourself “what is guacamole?” I might respond with “You don’t know?!?” For those who don’t know, guacamole is a dish of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onion, tomatoes, chili peppers, and seasoning. But that is just your basic recipe, and finding exotic recipes with guacamole online is always a treat. Guacamole is a fun, nutritious treat that is low in calories and just plain delicious. It goes well on a multitude of things and will always leave your mouth watering for more. And as good as it tastes, one cannot forget how fun it is to make. There is just something about smashing up avocados that absolutely makes my day. Sometimes I think I am obsessed with it, as I plan out my day thinking about how good it’s gonna be smashing up those avocados and making that yummy delicious dip. Oh look at the time, I have to get back to searching for more recipes with guacamole. My work is never done. Read more articles like this: sabra.com

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