How You Can Create A Healthier And Safer Diet With Grass Fed Beef Options

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How do you incorporate meat into your diet? Are you the type of person to try out new things every week or do you have your favorites you stick to through thick and thin? We all have our own personal tastes and recipes we go to, but there’s one in particular that’s sweeping the nation. Grass fed beef and wild caught fish are more than just buzzwords to get your attention — they’re healthier and more sustainable meat options for both you and the industry, reducing foodborne illness on top of providing a tastier, smarter experience. Not convinced? Below are the top five reasons you should consider buying sustainable meat over farmed counterparts.

More Vitamins, No Problems

Why not get the most out of your hard-earned dollar? When you buy Wagyu beef online or wild caught Alaskan salmon, you get the very most your meat has to offer with fewer risk. Beef from grass fed cows have much higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids on top of increased vitamin E, ideal for those that are hoping for healthier skin and a happier heart. Farmed salmon has three times the amount of saturated fat compared to wild salmon, contributing to common illnesses found in the United States such as heart disease, high blood pressure and unsafe cholesterol levels.

Stay Safe No Matter What

When meat has a significant health risk compared to fruit and vegetables, you’ll want to do whatever you can to keep you and your family safe from foodborne illness. Nearly 80% of antibiotics produced in the United States have been found to go to livestock in order to reduce the onset of harmful bacteria in meat. Another study published in 2011 by Clinical Infectious Diseases estimates as many as 47% of store-bought poultry and beef has Staph bacteria. Free range pork and grass fed beef, on the other hand? Often much safer due to the healthier living conditions provided by farmers.

Count Calories With Little Trouble

Perhaps you’re trying to watch your weight. When you buy Wagyu beef online or seek out wild caught fish options, you’re making it easier than ever to count calories. Wild salmon, for starters, has been found to have 32% fewer calories than their farmed counterparts thanks to studies provided by the National Nutritional Database. Don’t confused fewer calories for fewer vitamins, however. You’ll still be getting all the essential iron, protein and omega-3 fatty acids as you would with a conventional store bought option.

Support A Growing Industry

It’s time to gear up for the future. Sustainable meat provides meat industries with better, smarter ways of cultivating their meat and taking care of their consumers. Whether you prefer pork or fish, grass fed and wild caught options provide you with more vitamins and fewer risks for foodborne illnesses all in one clean package. Grass fed beef accounts for less than 3% of all beef sold in the United States. Will you be a trendsetter?

Creating The Ultimate Diet

No matter your personal taste, a diet that’s safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly is something everyone can get behind. To buy Wagyu beef online is to support your grass fed beef industry and environment at large, encouraging your neighbors and friends to pick up a good habit even as they go to the store for their next great dinner. There are tons of grass fed meat recipes that emphasis simplicity over complexity, to boot, meaning you’ll never have to worry about balancing your work life and healthy diet ever again. The average American will eat 66 pounds of beef on a yearly basis. Why not try Wagyu beef online and make it the best habit you ever had?

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