How Can You Prepare Crab? Three Interesting Facts about Stone Crabs

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Did you know that there are over 6,000 species of crabs in the world? The list of crabs that people commonly eat, of course, is a lot shorter. Stone crabs are one example of a popularly eaten crab, and it is in season from October 15th until May 15th. Harvested only along the Gulf Coast of Florida, stone crabs have a small body and fisherman will usually harvest a claw and return the crabs to water so that they can re-grow the missing limb. Interested in knowing more about stone crab meat? Keep reading.

1. Popular Ways to Prepare Crab

Did you know that a stone crab’s claw can crush with 19
,000 pounds per square inch? These make them perfect for tearing and cutting shell and tissue. There are many ways you can prepare crab claws and meat. It is often served with garlic sauce, hot marmalade sauce, or just butter and lemon wedges. Cooking crabs is fairly easy; all you need to do is boil the crab, then crack open the legs with a small hammer or shell crackers. Claws are usually sold in three sizes- medium, large and jumbo.

2. Are Stone Crab Claws Environmentally Friendly?

It can be said that the harvest methods of the stone crab are more ecologically friendly than harvesting the whole animal. This allows populations to replenish themselves more easily, and helps prevent overfishing. However, it’s worth noting that the mortality rates in experimental groups for this practice were fairly high; 47% of double amputees died, and 28% of single amputees. It’s possible that amputation prevents crabs from feeding themselves as easily while they heal. It’s good to note, though, that fisherman will throw back egg bearing females, and will not declaw them.

3. Is Buying Seafood Online Worth It?

You might have qualms about buying crabs over the internet; after all, seafood is one of those foods that are best eaten while fresh. In fact, getting fresh seafood delivered to your home isn’t difficult, and it can be a great addition to dinners or parties. Most companies will ship overnight so that you receive your food as quickly as possible. In many cases, stone crabs are cooked right after catching so as to prevent the meat from sticking to the shells, and re-heating is unnecessary. Your best plan getting fresh seafood delivered is to just eat the crabs cold, with a delicious sauce.

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