Four Tips for a Great Ice Cream Party

Ice cream sundaes

Are you looking for a way to put on a great party? One that will forever cement your reputation as the Party Wizard? To do that, you?re going to need an angle.

Instead of the ubiquitous barbecue, or another tired bowl of chip and dip, wow your guests with a totally unique ice cream party, complete with gelato cups, colored spoons, and all kinds of customs cups and containers.

You know can?t go wrong with this one. Everyone loves ice cream: 90% of American households eat it regularly, and we eat it, on average, nearly 30 times a year. We eat it to the tune of 1.5 billion gallons a year! Our national dairy cows give 9% of their milk towards ice cream..

With frozen desserts as popular as they are, you can?t go wrong with an awesome frozen dairy dessert party. Here are a few tips that just might make you the ice cream King or Queen on your block.

Plan Your Desserts

There?s ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt; even ?non-dairy frozen product.? What?s the difference? Frozen yogurt, as you might guess, is made from yogurt and is typically mixed with various kinds of fruit. It?s lighter in flavor and on your stomach.

Ice cream is typically made from cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. Other ingredients, of course, are added to make various flavors. Ice cream is churned as it freezes to incorporate air. The finished product is more than 50% air!

Gelato is a kind of Italian ice cream. It uses the same ingredients as ice cream, but typically has more milk and less cream, giving it between 3 and 8% milkfat. It often tastes richer than ice cream, though, because it’s churned less and has only 25-30% air.

Plan for Your Guests

Frozen yogurt is awesome, and can be customized endlessly with fruits and toppings. But because it is lighter than ice cream or gelato, you may find your guests can put away more than you bargained for.

Ice cream and gelato flavors can can also be great fun. You can make everything from simple vanilla (still the most popular flavor in America, at 28%) or chocolate; or fill those gelato cups with more adventurous flavors like raspberry ginger, gin and tonic lemon, or matcha.

Are your guests adventurous? Straight-laced? Are they meat and potatoes kind of people, or are they the ones always looking for the weirdest new fusion place? This will influence how you plan your flavors.

Plan Beyond the Dessert

To blow your friends? minds with your custard-y prowess, you?ll need to build your ice cream buffet with more than just interesting flavors. You?ll need a variety of dessert supplies like disposable ice cream cups, gelato cups, and tasting spoons.

You?ll want materials for building creative ice cream sundaes and maybe even a way to provide inspiration and entertainment for your guests. Why not build a gorgeous gelato cup or two as an example of interesting flavor pairings, or challenge the group to come up with the most unusual dessert build?

Plan Ahead

You could buy your ice cream, but if you really want to make things epic, make your own. There are recipes all over the internet and plenty of excellent tips. Figure out how much you?re going to need in advance, though, because it will take some time to make.

Home ice cream machines can turn out a couple quarts at a time but will need to be cleaned and sometimes re-frozen before you can make the next batch. If you want five or six flavors, you might want to start a week ahead of time.

Also, bear in mind that ice cream fresh out of the churner is typically soft. If served immediately, it tends to melt quickly. Letting the ice cream sit in the freezer overnight will give you a harder product more like what you?ll buy at the store.

What are you waiting for? Choose your date, plan your amazing flavors, and then use the internet to find dessert supplies near you and stock up on gelato cups, ice cream spoons, and colorful napkins. It?s a party no one will forget!

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