Can an Order Sheet Help Make Inventory Easier?

Every food eatery must have a clear understanding of their disposable container needs. These include everything from wooden coffee stirrers, paper cups, lids, napkins, and disposable cutlery. People are on-the-go more than ever. They often eat at their work desk or even in their car. A good restaurant needs to keep a steady stock of disposable food service items on hand. This ensures they are keeping pace with the current trend which has no end in sight.

Why Do Customers Prefer Disposable Items?

There are a few reasons why customers are more often choosing paper coffee cups and paper hot soup containers. The main one though is that these people often have somewhere else to be. That’s the reason they are frequenting your eatery. They cannot make at home what you can serve them. Therefore they often will purchase your food or drink on their way somewhere else.

Never, Ever, Ever Run Out of Coffee Supplies.

It would be a very bad day if a coffee shop ran out of the supplies necessary to make coffee, such as wooden coffee stirrers. Nearly 35% of coffee drinkers like theirs black and wouldn’t care. But the remaining 65% who prefer theirs with cream would not be happy. One tip is to always order enough to have at least one extra box of wooden coffee stirrers or paper cups.

Soup Cups and Lids Need to Be Sturdy.

It is estimated that Americans as a whole eat about 10 million bowls of soup annually. Yet no one wants hot soup spilled in their lap. A restaurant with excellent soup will still have trouble if their to-go soup containers are flimsy. Customers will purchase once, maybe twice, but they are unlikely to repeat the experience if the soup is difficult to eat without making a big mess.

The Order Sheet: Why You Need One to Stay Sane.

An order sheet could keep the process for the back of house stay on top of inventory. Keeping an order sheet with indicators for how quickly the restaurant runs through certain supplies is invaluable. Of course, this type of order sheet does require a period of close observation before it can be fully used.

Most restaurants of all sizes need to be prepared for take-out orders. Customers are frequently on their way to another location, and don’t have time to sit down and eat. Some restaurants don’t have very good sitting either. Disposable paper and plastic items can help meet the customers’ needs. It’s up to the restaurant to be prepared.

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