Beer Fan? Choose the Best Growler to Suit Your Needs

Stainless steel growler

The U.S. craft beer market has steadily risen to its market worth of $23.5 billion over the years, with beer becoming a popular drink in many parts of our country. From beer we consume at parties with friends, to beer that we love to enjoy when we go to a tasting or out to the bar to relax, there are many ways we enjoy our beer – and for that, we need beer growlers that suit our needs in many ways and perfectly reflect who we are in what we love doing.

How Those Who Enjoy Craft Beer Are Making an Impact

Let’s look at things from a health aspect: Those who drink beer regularly aren’t healthy, right? However, a 2001 study shows us that the National Institutes of Health found that people who drink only one drink per day were twice as likely to exercise than those who don’t drink at all. What does this say about motivation? That those who enjoy a good beer every once in awhile are still just as motivated, if not more motivated, than the rest. We like to think that anyone can enjoy a good drink every now and then, but for this you’ll need the right container to store your drinks – from insulated growlers to a personal keg you can call your own.

You want to make sure that your growler is personalized to your needs, which means that you will have to choose the right materials and growler caps to use. With the beer industry growing, we know that this is just what you’re looking for for your collection so that you can enjoy your favorite pastime in style. According to a poll done in 2016, 43% of legal drinkers say that they prefer beer over wine and spirits. With small and independent craft brewers now representing 12% of the market in the overall beer industry, it is no wonder that anything that has to do with beer is loved by all in America.

If you are in the business for a new growler, have you considered insulated, stainless steel, or growler caps that will keep your beer fresh for you no matter what? With a personalized growler, you can drink in style – and feel good about one of your favorite pastimes!

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