Are Raw Food Diets Really Worth It?

Raw diet

America is experiencing an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions since the middle of the 1900s. “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food” is a quote made by Hippocrates. Somehow, American’s have lost their way in terms of food education. We buy processed foods and fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides all the time. During the same timeframe processed foods became popular, cancer rates have increased exponentially. Is there a direct link to the many diseases people are experiencing with processed foods? Raw food enthusiasts believe so and raw diet plans maybe the best option for you to increase your health.

Raw food diet plans consist of organic foods that are not sprayed with harmful chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. You can find raw diet plans and tips easily online. New studies show an increase of people become aware of the dangers of processed foods. In fact, more people are turning towards local growers that do not use harmful chemicals on their crops. Lately, state and federal government organizations are trying to pass legislation to avoid the need to label GMO foods. As you can see, there is an internal struggle going on in America when it comes to eating healthy organic foods.

Raw food diets consist of all natural ingredients with now GMOs or harmful chemicals. Vegetables, fruits and nuts provide the body essential nutrients and minerals for fighting against a wide range of diseases. Even juicing is becoming more popular as studies are showing overweight people losing a significant amount of weight by eating foods in a raw diet plan. You can find information about a healthy diet plan by visiting health sites that talk about the benefits of raw diet plans. If you are going to follow a raw diet plan, it is necessary to make sure you stay away from GMO foods.

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