Are Peanuts Actually Good For You? Unveiling The Vitamins, Minerals And Calories In Peanut Butter

Peanut allergy levels

Why is peanut butter a staple of most American households?

The fact it can go with just about everything is a good place to start, but there’s more to peanuts than its flexibility in dishes. It’s a tasty, hearty and healthy addition to just about any diet. The benefits of eating peanuts has been thoroughly studied in medical journals and science facilities the world over, with some of the biggest breakthroughs involving this plant emerging decades ago and still bringing surprises to the table. What can you gain from adding peanuts to your diet? Find out all their health benefits, as well as fun cooking ideas, by glancing at the list below.

You might just find yourself a new favorite snack.

Interesting Facts

Before we discuss the calories in peanut butter, let’s learn more about where this legume came from. Peanuts have been enjoyed by many cultures for a long time. What’s the secret to its universal appeal? Some would argue it’s the salty and nutty flavor, perfect for a wide variety of dishes or by itself. Others would stress the health benefits, many of which can be enjoyed casually or as the main course. Peanut butter, in particular, was first introduced in the St. Louis World’s Fair back in 1904, setting the stage for one of the most popular American shelf items. FDA regulations for peanut butter have grown ever strict over the years, requiring at least 90% peanuts to be deemed as such at the grocery store.

Nutrients In Peanuts

What are the calories in peanut butter? This is a common question due to the prevalence of this snack on many American shelves — people want a tasty treat, but it’s hard to indulge when you’re constantly watching your waistline. A single tablespoon of peanut butter offers less than 100 calories on average. There’s more than just a handful of calories to enjoy, however. A single ounce serving of peanuts offers you seven grams of protein alongside a host of necessary vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. These are necessary for healthy bone density, muscle growth and even smoother skin.

Dieting With Peanuts

Those with a diet, pay close attention. Peanuts are a fantastic addition to a wide variety of diets, ranging from those that need a lower calorie count to those that need a boost in essential vitamins. Peanut butter is even commonly referred to as an appetite suppressant in many dieting circles for its ability to make you feel full without actually being full. While this is no reason to deprive yourself of calories unnecessarily, this can be useful when you’re feeling hungry but can’t dip into a meal for another hour or two.

Additional Health Benefits

What other health benefits can you glean from adding the nutritional value of raw peanuts to your weekly dishes? A few studies have revealed some interesting information on the nature of peanuts when it comes to fighting off debilitating diseases. One such study found peanuts can significantly reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, a condition that is worsened by a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and poor dieting habits. Diabetes can also be circumvented, though it’s important to find more natural peanut butter varieties to keep your sugar count low.

Simple Peanut Recipes To Try

Know that you know the calories in peanut butter and all the other ways it can make you healthier…what are some recipes you can try? Peanut oil is a delicious way to add a touch of flavor to any fried or grilled dish. It heats up quickly, is easy to use and even easier to maintain. Remember peanut oil can be stored for up to a full year if you keep it tightly capped and kept away from heat and light. Peanuts can be chopped up and mixed into leafy greens, pasta salads or enjoyed in a bag of trail mix on-the-go. It’s estimated the average American will consume more than six pounds of peanut products alone each year.

Organic peanut oil, the low calories in peanut butter…there’s plenty to enjoy if you want to live your best life.

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