A Look Behind The Vast Popularity Of Frozen Desserts In The United States

There’s no doubt about it that ice cream is a quintessential summer treat for many people living in all parts and places of the United States. From eating ice cream with spoons to licking ice cream from a cone, the vast majority of us who live here have fond memories of ice cream at all times of the year – but particularly on hot summer days. Ice cream – or other frozen treats, such as frozen yogurt cups or gelato – is a decadent treat for people of all ages, and it comes in so many flavors that there is an ice cream out there for everyone. From ice cream parlors to the ice cream cartons and ice cream cups we buy from grocery stores and convenience stores, there’s no wrong way to enjoy ice cream (from ice cream cups to ice cream cones).

And people in the United States are well aware of this. In just one year, it is estimated that the average person who is living in the United States will eat ice cream nearly thirty times and that in any period of two weeks, nearly half of all Americans will eat ice cream with spoons or out of a cone at least once (and some will eat it even more frequently than that, especially during the summer, as cool ice cream cups can be the perfect way to escape from the often scorching summer heat). There are many ways for ice cream to be enjoyed. In an ice cream parlor, for example, it will often be eaten with plastic spoons. This is ideal for ice cream sundaes, which are often shared between two or more people and require ice cream spoons to fully dive into, as they are often served in glass dishes or cups. An ice cream bar is another popular way to enjoy ice cream, as are individual ice cream cups (popular among children’s parties the country over). With as many as ninety percent of all households typically having ice cream in some form in the home at all times and regularly indulging in it, ice cream has become widely commercially available in many different forms and flavors.

But ice cream cups are only one of many popular frozen desserts. In recent years, frozen yogurt has skyrocketed in popularity. Presented as a healthier alternative to decadent and often fattening ice cream, frozen yogurt allows the health conscious or dieting residents of America to indulge in a healthier way. This push for greater health has, in part, let to the opening of more than two thousand and five hundred frozen yogurt shops all throughout the United States. These shops typically offer a wide variety of flavors, and often even let the customer choose and scoop their own toppings, making it a highly customizable experience that many Americans have been found to greatly enjoy. Frozen yogurt selections are also widely available for purchase in grocery stores and convenience stores, allowing customers to take them home to enjoy.

No matter what type of frozen treat you enjoy, be it ice cream cups, gelato, or even frozen yogurt, or how you enjoy it (from spoons, a cone, or shared in a sundae dish), there is no wrong way to consume the frozen treats that have become so popular all throughout the United States. Especially during summer months, these treats are consistently popular, and allow for a little bit of indulgence. Almost every person in the United States loves them in some form and, when consumed in moderation (as with all decadent treats), they can be enjoyed fully and as part of an overall healthy diet (particularly for those who have made the switch to frozen yogurt).

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