A Couple Of Things You Should Remember For Your Customers Coffee

Opening up that café was supposed to be something simple. You thought that just making a pot of coffee and having a couple of hot cups would mean that the customers could come and that you could provide them with the sustenance that they would need to get them through the day. As you’ve gone through the whole endeavor though you’ve learned that there is so much more to providing people with coffee than just having those cups ready. Here are a couple of the important items, such as wooden stir sticks, that you need in order to provide your customers with the best type of service possible.

Cups With Lids

Of course this one might be a given when it comes to your café and your customers but having coffee cups with lids are one of the most important things that you could have within your coffee shop. Making sure that these cups are sturdy and able to contain hot liquid without it spilling out all over your customers before their days have even begun. They’ll thank you for being sure that your wholesale coffee cups are in fact good cups for keeping their energy giving liquid inside of the designated spots.

Creamers and Sweeteners

Do you put flavoring in your own coffee? While 35% of individuals drink black coffee, there is 65% of others who do in fact put in some type of flavoring. For those who don’t drink their coffee black they’re going to need sweeteners and creamers in order to maintain the flavor that they choose for their coffee to be. It is important to make sure that your café offers your customers the means in which to make happiness happen in their cups.

Stir Sticks

In order to mix your coffee it might be rather important to have wooden stir sticks to mix up the flavoring that you have put into your coffee. By having wooden coffee stirrers you can evenly distribute the heat through your coffee as well as any of the sugar and cream that your customers have added into their coffee. No one wants a mouth full of sugar in one place and no sugar in the other.

Cup Cozies

Another very important addition that you might want to keep on hand for your customers are cozies to place their cup into. The cardboard cup holders keep your customers from getting burned while they carry their cups from place to place. While not all cafes offer cup holders for their customers, it is a great idea to put your business ahead of others and provide your customers with the best. Look out for your customer’s hands so that they can hold their cups even right after it is poured.

While you may have thought that opening up your coffee ship might have been as easy as providing people with cups and liquid. BY keeping all of these items in mind when you are building up your coffee bar you’ll be setting your customers up for better days and you will keep them coming back for more whenever they are in need of coffee. Considering that many Americans drink more than one cup of coffee per day, if you keep the coffee flowing you could be seeing regular customers on a daily basis coming back for more whenever they seem to need it.

Be sure to pick up that creamer and those wooden stir sticks before your customers start to pour through the doors expecting their nice piping hot coffee to be waiting for them.

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