A Catering Menu May Include more than Just Food

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Because of their exquisite nature and a desire for everything to run perfectly, weddings hire catering companies and their elaborate catering menu for their party more often than not. What many don’t realize though, is that a catering menu may include more than just food. At times, it can include everything from tables and chairs to floral arrangements and tent rentals. Not every catering company is the same, and not all will have a catering menu that goes beyond food, but far more than just dinner and desert go into catering a wedding.

With the summer months being loaded with weddings, there is a high demand for wedding tent rentals that provide shelter for outdoor weddings. Canopy tents can function everywhere from simply providing a roof to cover guests’ heads to providing an elaborate backdrop for the most fancy weddings. While dinner is certainly important, and everyone loves wedding cake, a full catering menu might include options to the best tent rentals MA has to offer.

While it’s not likely that a catering menu is explicitly going to include a wedding tent, many catering companies will have knowledge of the best place to acquire a rental tent for a party. Coming in sizes ranging from small to circus like, there is a tent available for any sized wedding and finding the right one could push a wedding from ordinary to unforgettable.

Any discussion of a catering menu must include some mention of food, though tents are a necessary part of any outdoor wedding, they aren’t the main purpose of a catering staff. Every company will have different options, and determining what meals, at what cost, is desired will help to pick out the right one. Generally, a beef, fish, and chicken option will be available as well as choices for pasta, salad, and other sides. Depending on how many people attend the wedding, the food may be plated or served buffet style and the options for deserts are nearly endless. These options are the main parts of a catering menu, and finding a staff to build the right one can make any wedding spectacular. More like this.

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